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About Old Dominion

Earl and Lillian Congdon founded Old Dominion Freight Line with a single truck running between Richmond, VA and Norfolk, VA.  
Congress regulates the trucking industry; OD receives the Interstate Commerce Commission to transport general commodities and begins a period of rapid growth.  
OD leads the way as World War II creates a boom in traffic between bases in Richmond, VA and Norfolk, VA. Teamsters organize drivers and warehouse workers and strike against OD. OD reopens as a nonunion carrier.  
Founder Earl Congdon, Sr. dies. The company is incorporated and Lillian Congdon assumes the presidency. She is joined by sons Earl, Jr. and Jack. In 1957, OD extends operations to most major markets in North Carolina and southern Virginia with the acquisition of Bottoms-Fiske Truck Line. In 1962, OD moves its corporate offices to High Point and merges with Bottoms-Fiske. Earl Congdon, Jr. assumes the presidency. Lillian Congdon becomes the Chairman of the Board.  
OD enters a period of unparalleled expansion and extends its coverage to the northeastern and southern regions with acquisitions of Barnes Truck Line, Nilson Motor Express and White Transport in 1969, Star Transport in 1972 and Deaton Trucking in 1979.  
Congress partially deregulates the motor carriers, granting nationwide operating authority to all applicants. OD extends services to Florida, Tennessee, California, Dallas and Chicago.  
OD concentrates on LTL, building density and improved profitability. OD goes public in 1991. OD initiates Intraregional service in the mid-Atlantic region in 1993.  
David Congdon is named President and Chief Operating Officer. OD purchases selected assets of Fredrickson Motor Express, Goggin Truck Line, Inc. and Skyline to enhance super regional carrier positioning.   undefined
OD acquires Carter and Sons Trucking. OD expands into Nevada, Nebraska, Oregon and Washington State and builds density in existing areas throughout the country. Globally, OD introduces direct service to Canada. In 2005, OD expands into South Dakota and Vermont and continues to build density in existing areas throughout the United States.  
2006 - Present  
OD acquires the selected assets of Wichita Southeast Kansas Transit and Priority Freight Line. OD • Global introduces service between the U.S. and China.

Line Haul Driver Job Description

Must be able to read, write and speak English.
Must possess a valid commercial driver's license with "h" and "t" endorsements.
Must have 12 months previous tractor trailer driving experience and/or be a graduate of a State Certified and Licensed truck driving school, acceptable to Old Dominion and/or have satisfactorily completed the Old Dominion truck driver training program (ODTDT 8/88)
Must have the ability to read, write and understand English, and perform simple mathematical calculations with mental ability to handle receipts, read maps, road signs, maintain logs, etc.
Must have the ability to properly operate hand held mini-computer when required.
Must have working knowledge of vehicle safety and control systems.
Must have knowledge of DOT regulations governing safe driving, hours of service, inspection and maintenance, and extended periods, of time.
Must be available for around-the-clock trips to accommodate freight movements and must be able to be away from home for extended periods of time.
Must meet or exceed the medical standards of the US Department of Transportation.
Must satisfactorily pass a drug test.
Must satisfactorily pass an alcohol test (if applicable)
Must satisfactorily pass the orientation/training program instructions by an Old Dominion qualified driver trainer.
Must be at least 22 years of age.

Physical requirements
1. Must be able to sit and remain alert while driving for an aggregate period of up to 11 hours.
2. Must be able to shift manual transmission and operate foot pedals.
3. Must be able to perform occasional crouching to handle and position freight when required.
4. Must be able to enter and exit the vehicle's cab 8 to 10 times a day. Cab floor level is generally 36 to 66 inches above ground level, with entry and exit achieved with the assistance of various configurations of steps and hand holds; also requires occasional bending, twisting, climbing, squatting, crouching and balancing.
5. Must be able to perform frequent pushing of freight weighing up to 500 pounds on a dolly or cart as well as occasional pushing of freight weighing more than 300 pounds with or without a mechanical aid.
6. Must be able to perform frequent pulling of freight weighing up to 500 pounds on a dolly or cart as well as occasional pulling of freight weighing more than 300 pounds with or without a mechanical aid.
7. Must be able to frequently perform carrying freight weighing 1 pound to 100 pounds of varying size and shape a distance of at least 1 foot but usually no more than 100 feet.
8. Must be able to frequently reach for freight at waist level and occasionally reach for freight above shoulder height or below waist level.
9. Must be able to occasionally reach above shoulder level, at waist level and below waist level for maneuvering and directing the controls to operate the truck.
10. Must be able to load and unload full trailers of freight weighing as mush as 50,000 pounds. This could involve moving 100 pound containers to and from floor level to carts, stacks, conveyors or platforms, over four feet high, balancing 300 pound drums on their rims and rolling them into position or stowing cartons or other merchandise overhead that weigh as much as 100 pounds each. This type of activity could precede or follow as much as 11 hours of driving.
11. Must be able to install and remove tire chains when required due to inclement weather.
12. Must be able to spend at least 25% of the day standing and 25% of the day walking on surfaced such as concrete, wood and metal and sometimes on slippery and wet surfaces.
13. Must be able to hook/unhook various commercial vehicle combinations, manually lower and raise landing gear, operate the fifth wheel release lever, lock and release pintle-hooks, attach and release safety chains, open and close cargo doors, climb into and out of vehicles, fuel vehicles and check engine oil and coolant levels.
14. Must satisfactorily pass any physical testing requirements which is consistent with the job requirements discussed above.

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